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After planning and completing thousands of moves across St.Petersburg, 3 Men No Truck LLC. understands that we are not just transporting things, but moving people’s lives from the old, to the new. Whatever your move requires, our experienced crew knows that no two projects are alike and that each client has particular needs. We offer expertise for planning your move and can handle any moving challenge with practical solutions and professionalism.

My name is Chanon B. and in 2010 my father, brother and I started 3 Men No Truck LLC. as a sincere approach to offer customers looking for affordable and reliable moving services, 3 Men No Truck LLC. was the option. I take advice from my father all the time and when entering the business world, he would never give me specific directions on how to go about things specifically although one thing resonates "Integrity" to maintain it in my personal life and let it reflect in my business practices.

Lastly, thank you for this opportunity to let you know more about 3 Men No Truck LLC..”

“Are other moving services leaving you wanting? Call 3 Men No Truck LLC.. We strive to provide our services to meet all your needs. So whether you need us to come and pack your belongings, load the truck, drive and unload the truck, we can do it all.

If you're the type of person who hates to pack and move, call 3 Men No Truck LLC. today! We can do all the packing and loading while you watch.

We provide simple solutions:

  • 1. You can supply your own truck.
  • 2. You can save even more money by taking care of the packing
  • 3. Let us do the moving for you. “
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Kate Scott-Douglas

We hired these two wonderful people to come pack up our entire house. It was total chaos before they came and within a short amount of time they had organized everything by room and no more chaos. I was a bit overwhelmed with everything that needed to be packed but with their professionalism and thoroughness I completely calmed down and even relaxed!! I cannot recommend these guys highly enough. They handled some rather complex packing issues with ease and really knew how to pack the stuff perfectly. They really saved the day!! Thank you so much!!

Tyler Smith

These guys were top-notch. Unloaded my freight in 42 mins and didn't damage anything. Also helped me put together my chest of drawers, bed, and lamp. Huge thank you for professional service and making my move to Florida easy. Despite the fact that my shipment details were questionable and I was unsure when or if I would get my shipment on time......... These guys were available and ready to go ASAP. Hugely appreciated.

Cindy C.
Sarasota, United States

We were very pleased with the services of Three Men No Truck. They were very polite, courteous, hardworking, careful with our belongings and are masters at fitting a whole lot of stuff into a very small space. I would highly recommend their services and would use them again if moving in the area.

Justin Durant

I've known and worked with this company for the past year. They are truly good people and really care about what they do. It's hard to find companies that are willing to go above and beyond, but I feel this company is one that does so. Thanks for all you do and all your help!

Caryn B.

Fantastic speedy and careful service! Continuous coordination with us and our moving Pod/trailer, (U-Pack and ABF Freight). We could not have done this move, let alone in 2 hours without these guys. They were courteous and friendly and extremely hard working. They handled our stuff with care, organized it into our storage unit for safest stacking and most convenient retrieval and got it done. I'd definitely recommend them for removal and relocation man-power.

Nasir D

I got hold of these folks late in the day and they were able to provide services, their attitude superb, work ethics unmatched, loved these guys. Thank you so much.

Evy Rodrigues

I personally have not used Chan and his team for my own moving, but I manage a storage facility and have seen this company in action. 3 Men No Truck LLC are very professional, kind, and hard-working! They moved in a new tenant of mine about a week ago and she was very happy with their services. I asked for some business cards because I loved their attitude and ability to “get it done,” and I love to spread the word of those who deserve it. Another tenant came into my office wanting to downsize a unit, as he has multiples, and said he’d need to hire someone to help him move from a unit upstairs to one downstairs, as it was too large of a job to attack alone—so I suggested this company because I knew they’d do a good job! My tenant said I was a “genius” and hired them. They returned today and worked hard and efficiently to get the job done! There’s no job too big or small for them and I love that they are local and trying to grow! I will definitely use them next time I need to move—had I met them 2 weeks ago I would have, as I just moved without professional help...this would have been perfect! Definitely give them a try!

Moving Never the Most Fun Activity but it Needs to be Done

The idea of moving to a new location can be a lot of fun. Since you are changing your location it is a great opportunity to change your lifestyle a bit. Maybe your new place will be a great area to start a family in, perhaps you finally have a yard and can work on your green thumb, or you have enough rooms that you get to have a home office or gym? Whatever the case may be there is always something exciting about being given a chance to start something new.

However, when it comes to the actual move the stress of organizing it all and finding the necessary amount of time to pack, organize the moving day, change all your billing addresses and unpack can quickly cool down the excitement you feel. This is why 3 Men No Truck LLC. exists. We want to be able to help the people of St.Petersburg keep that level of excitement high by keeping the stress low. That is why we recommend getting in touch with us as early as possible, so that we can help you get everything ready in a timely manner.

Customized Moving Plans

Since our very first moving job in St.Petersburg many years ago, 3 Men No Truck LLC. understood that the key to success lay in making customer satisfaction a top priority. Our moving professionals strive to make each moving project, whether large or small, commercial or residential, as smooth and stress free as possible. Each member of our staff, from the helpful sales consultants, experienced packers, skilled crews and vehicle operators, is fully trained and committed to providing the highest standard of personalized service in the industry.

In-Home Consultations

3 Men No Truck LLC. helps St.Petersburg business and homeowners make important and cost effective decisions for any local or long distance move and also provide flexible storage solutions. Benefit from the expertise of a 3 Men No Truck LLC. sales consultant, available to visit you at your home or commercial location to provide an accurate cost estimate and helpful suggestions. Inquire about our special combination packages for storage, crating and vehicle transportation, for extra savings.

A Full Range of Services

We understand that whether your move is across town or across state lines, you have a lot to take care of. 3 Men No Truck LLC. is available to make moving easier by helping you plan ahead, locate storage facilities, acquire the best quality moving materials, pack, and transport and complete your move in the smoothest manner possible.

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